Fast Track Programs


At Hardin-Simmons, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we developed fast track programs to help you take your education to the next level. Our programs give students the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate degrees in a fraction of the time.

With streamlined degree plans, you won’t waste time retaking classes from your undergraduate degree. Each course is designed to provide new information and skills to help you succeed in your career. The fast track programs provide quality education, helping you enter the job force in record time.

Our students can earn their B.S. in Biology and their Doctor of Physical Therapy in just 5½ years! Check out our other fast track programs and see how HSU can help you blast through your education.

Hardin-Simmons Fast Track Programs

B.S. Biology / Doctor of Physical Therapy – 3 years undergraduate education in biology plus 28 months in the DPT graduate program; most physical therapists earn their bachelor’s degrees in four years and then complete three additional years of school to earn their doctorates. Imagine beginning your undergraduate degree at 18 years old and graduating with your Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) in just 5.5 years!

Online B.B.S. in Business Administration / Online Master of Arts in Management – 4 years undergrad, 1 year graduate. The MA in Management is a fully online program to provide students with needed flexibility in completing course work. The calendar of course offerings allows select students the possibility of completing their MAM in as few as 12 months after completing the B.B.S. in Business Administration.

B.B.A. in Business Administration / Master of Business Administration – 4 years undergrad, 1 year graduate. The MBA is a fully-online, 45-hour program designed to prepare Christian leaders to manage successfully in a dynamic business environment. The Fast Track program allows completion in as few as 12 months after completing the B.B.A. in Business Administration.

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Pharm.D. or Pharm.D./MBA – Three years undergraduate education in biochemistry and molecular biology plus four years in the Pharm.D. or Pharm.D./MBA program at TTUHSC SOP. Students entering the Pharm.D. program under this agreement will have their Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) score  requirement waived. Students will be awarded their B.S in BIMB from HSU after completing their first year at TTUHSC SOP.

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